Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Fat Boy....Got Meat?

Well the signature sandwich was unveiled at FBS&S a few weeks ago. The decision was made to put a heavy duty sandwich in the line up of choices available at FBS&S. Tagged the Fat Boy Sub it is made with a little bit of just about everything on the line of fresh cold cuts and vegetable fixings available.

As Big Al brought out a fresh baked loaf of bread, we bake our bread fresh daily, and cut open the hot loaf people gathered around to see the layering process begin. As the cold cuts, vegetables, and warm meat balls were stacked and layered on the bread people laughed nervously and thought of their diets. The final product tipped the scales at just over a kilogram and was described as resembling a meat mortar round!

One person was up to the challenge....Curran! Making a return trip to meet the meat challenge of the Fat Boy Sub he boasted that it would be down and done in under 10 minutes. As he took his first bite the stop watch was started and ticked away. Making pretty good time on the first half it seemed the sandwich would be gone in no time. But the second half had a slower pace, due to the bread Curran said later. With the last bite downed the clock was stopped and came in at just over 11 minutes. Even though he didn't make it under the originally planned time that feat will still earn a place on the wall of "Fame" or "Shame" depending on how you look at it! Everyone that purchases and eats the Fat Boy Sub in the store will get a place a special recognition and distinction for having beat the meat!


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