Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introducing the $4.95 Daily Special

Fatboy is now introducing the $4.95 Daily Special. Everyday we will select a different 6 inch sub from the menu and include your choice of Sprite, Fanta, Coca Cola or Minera water and a bag of Tasto potato chips for only $4.95

The Daily Special will be chosen ramdomly so stop by or call to find out which sub!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Official Record

Last Saturday Night attracted a few on lookers as Mike and Canadian Dave went after the record for the fastest consumption of the Fat Boy Sub.

Personally I have had Thanksgiving Feast that couldn't measure up to what the Fat Boy could do to my stomach, but just look at that monstrosity and think about the other half of that bad boy just sitting in your fridge waiting for you to come home from a night on the town!

After weighing in at a Kilo each the only thing missing was the drum roll. Stop watch in hand Al gave the go! It was pretty intense out of the gate, Mike went for the dousing of the bread strategy while Dave just muscled through the multi-layered beast.

As the crowd cheered, actually cracked jokes, it appeared that Dave was thrown off his game, but even a little fan fare for Mike couldn't help as Dave regained his composure, kept the food contained and powered on, shattering the 11 minute record set by Curran.

Are you willing to take the Fat Boy Challenge? Dave might have a legacy going as his time was 5 minutes and 31 seconds. He might even put Toronto on the Map for something!!!!!

Good fun had by all. As for me, I went home and savored the Roast Beef Sub in front of some good ole Star World.

Cali 2 Jim

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Official Opening

Fat Boy Subs had it's official opening yesterday.


Monday Through Saturday 1100-2300

Deliveries until 2200



Cali 2 Jim

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Quite Fast Enough!

April, 28th 2009 - My attempt at knocking Curran off the block for eating the Fat Boy Kilo Sub fell short by about 1 minute and 30 seconds at the time of 13:48 start to finish. The final sandwich EEEErrored out the 1 kilogram max load scale. It is a tasty sub really but more enjoyable eating it at a moderate pace I reckon!

Sharky Dave

Monday, April 27, 2009


FBS got the doors open this past Friday and began serving up subs and sandwiches for hungry guests. Even though the paint was still drying on the walls and finishing touches were being put in place that didn't stop customers from getting their first taste of the subs coming off the line. Special thanks goes out to Raz from East-West Solutions who bought the first Fat Boy Kilogram Sub. Raz's company East-West did most all of the construction work in FBS as well. For the time being FBS will be only open during usual lunchtime hours through early evenings while staff training continues and rough edges are being polished up. Full time regular hours of operation should start within a few weeks and the delivery service will follow in line as well. Every customer that helped us during our focus groups getting the final product line of subs and sandwiches we appreciate all the comments. Thanks again and hope to see you back again soon!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Fat Boy....Got Meat?

Well the signature sandwich was unveiled at FBS&S a few weeks ago. The decision was made to put a heavy duty sandwich in the line up of choices available at FBS&S. Tagged the Fat Boy Sub it is made with a little bit of just about everything on the line of fresh cold cuts and vegetable fixings available.

As Big Al brought out a fresh baked loaf of bread, we bake our bread fresh daily, and cut open the hot loaf people gathered around to see the layering process begin. As the cold cuts, vegetables, and warm meat balls were stacked and layered on the bread people laughed nervously and thought of their diets. The final product tipped the scales at just over a kilogram and was described as resembling a meat mortar round!

One person was up to the challenge....Curran! Making a return trip to meet the meat challenge of the Fat Boy Sub he boasted that it would be down and done in under 10 minutes. As he took his first bite the stop watch was started and ticked away. Making pretty good time on the first half it seemed the sandwich would be gone in no time. But the second half had a slower pace, due to the bread Curran said later. With the last bite downed the clock was stopped and came in at just over 11 minutes. Even though he didn't make it under the originally planned time that feat will still earn a place on the wall of "Fame" or "Shame" depending on how you look at it! Everyone that purchases and eats the Fat Boy Sub in the store will get a place a special recognition and distinction for having beat the meat!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The first customer sampling session of sandwiches on the menu at F.B.S & S. kicked off yesterday evening. A group of people stopped in and were able to sample and rate the products available. Although the motto of the shop is to "Build It Your Way" that was a bit difficult to do with a large group. So we "built it our way" and let people add or remove toppings to taste. The second session is being held today with what should prove to be a larger turn out than the previous evening. Customers comments were all positive and the fresh baked bread made on site at the shop was a big hit with everyone.

The biggest sandwich which will prove a challenge to the hungriest of appetites is "The Fat Boy" and tipping the scale at nearly a kilo it may prove to be the signature sandwich of the shop. As BIG AL said while getting it ready, "Here come the sub with everything but the Kitchen Sink!" Which in no way intimidated patron Curran with AAA, who took one home with him for a snack. For those health conscious folks there is a veggie sub which was well received and also was decided to be spruced up a bit with tofu instead of cheese due to one vegetarian customer's comments. The "soft opening" should follow soon and actual opening dates will be announced and posted here on the blog. So be ready to get your hunger on and come down to FAT BOY SUB & SANDWICH and fill your belly!